Protection Training (Beginner – Advanced)

However, most classes are held on Saturdays in the afternoon.

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This is a specialty class taught by the owner Caroline Haldeman. This class is held as often as Caroline's schedule allows.

** No one under 18 years old is allowed at our protection training. **

LOCATION: Locations vary in Orange County. However, most classes are held in or near Yorba Linda.


Dogs must be at least 4 months of age, be social and confident, possess the proper temperament and drives for protection training, and meet all of the requirements below.

1.) If your dog doesnt LOVE to chase a tug / rag and play tug-of-war with you anytime anywhere, then we will NOT evaluate your dog for protection work! They must possess this natural drive, instinct, and strong desire to be able to do protection work.

2.) Your dog must be current and done with all their DHPP (or DAPP) puppy series vaccinations before we can evaluate them for protection work, and if 6 months or older, must have received the rabies vaccine also. (Shots must have been administered by a vet or vet tech only - no self administered vaccines will be accepted for the safety of your dog and all the other dogs in class because dogs swap spit and fluids on the equipment.)
** Please email or fax us your dog's current vaccination records from your vet prior to us evaluating your dog. The paperwork should include your vet's letterhead as well as show when your dog last received vaccinaions, what they received, and when they are next due.

3.) For all dogs 5 months of age or older, they must meet these obedience requiremnts as well =
- Dogs 5 months of age or older must be able to pass Our Basic Obedience Test.
- Dogs 8 - 11 months of age must be able to pass Our Basic Obedience Test and have attended at least 4 of Our Intermediate Obedience Classes.
- Dogs 12 months of age or older must be able to pass both Our Basic and Intermediate Obedience Tests (at the minimum) in order to participate in our protection training classes and be evaluated for protection work with us.
** See "OUR TESTS" link on this website on the left hand side to review the obedience tests so you know where your dog stands with us and if your dog's obedience meets our obedience requirements **

4.) If you and/or your dog are new to Sirius K9 and your dog is 5 months of age or older, your dog's obedience must be evaluated by one of our trainers first if you havent attended our Obedience Classes, done In Kennel Training with us, or have done Private Lessons with us with the dog you are wanting to do protection training with. Your dog must be able to pass the appropriate level of obedience as described above (based on its age) before we can set up an eval for protection work. WE WILL NOT EVALUATE YOUR DOG FOR PROTECTION TRAINING UNTIL WE KNOW THAT YOUR DOG MEETS OUR OBEDIENCE REQUIREMENTS/STANDARDS FIRST.

** Please review our obedience tests / standards thoroughly and put your dog through all the exercises as shown and described away from your home at a neutral location to properly assess their obedience skills first, before setting up an obedience test.
We will not test your dog's obedience unless you are confident that your dog can pass our obedience test(s), we do not want to waste your time or ours.
If your dog is 5 months of age or older and they cannot currently pass the required obedience standards noted above, please get your dog into one of our obedience classes, schedule a private lesson, or do in kennel training with us to begin working on your dog's obedience skills to get them to where they need to be with their obedience first.
Once your dog completes the necassary obedience training and we see that he/she can pass the obedience skills requirements, then you may set up a protection training evaluation.

5.) If your dog is at least 4 months of age and is under 5 months of age and has completed all of the puppy series vaccinations, please email or fax us your dog's vaccination paperwork showing when your dog recieved all the puppy series vaccinations and when the next ones are due, so that we can add you to our current Protection Eval Waitlist. (We receive many requests everyday for protection evaluations and curently have a waitlist that we are working through as quickly as we can.) You can email your dog's vaccination records and request to be added to our current Protection Eval Waitlist at info@siriusk9training.com

Class Cost:

Protection Evaluations are $30. and last approximately one hour.
All new dogs are evaluated first.

Class cost after being evaluated = $40 per session.
** "Per Session" means per class. Each class is between 2 - 4 hours, depending on the number of dogs there. Each dog gets worked 4 times at every class!

Sirius K9 Academy Our Protection Training Private Lesson Information

** Beginning January 2021, we now offer Protection Training Private Lessons for clients that meet all of our prerequisites above **

Protection Training Private Lesson Rates

At our designated location in Yorba Linda $150/hr
At your location (within 15 miles of our 92885 zip code) $170 - $200/hr (depending on travel distance)

Please contact us for price if you live more than 15 miles away from zip code 92885 and would like to do a private protection training lesson at your location.

Contact us  via e-mail at  info@siriusk9training.com  for more details or to sign up.  

Unlike dog training clubs which are geared towards only training for a specific sport or function, Sirius K9 Academy welcomes a variety of working dogs including Schutzhund (IPO), Ring, K9 Pro-Sports, PSA, NAPD, police, security, and personal/family protection dogs. We also encourage inexperienced handlers, beginner dogs and puppies to attend our training sessions.

Our training is open to all breeds and varieties of dogs, as long as the dog possesses the proper temperament and drives needed for protection work. Each new dog must pass an evaluation prior to participating in one of our protection classes/courses and must be social and have completed at least our Basic Obedience training if between 5 months - 1 year of age and our Intermediate Obedience training if over 1 year of age.

The purpose of our protection training is to provide handlers an outlet in which to further their experience and knowledge of working dogs and to provide a fun and safe environment where they may attain specific goals with their K9 partner.

Our objective is to establish a standard of performance for all protection trained dogs. Sirius K9 Academy stresses the importance of proper socialization, control, liability, and safety. Our goal is to condition the dog and handler to react and respond reliably regardless of the situation or circumstances. Our protection scenarios are extremely realistic and emphasize courage and teamwork. Our obedience routines are unsurpassed with the most difficult distractions. The training we provide is ideal for any protection sport. We build confidence in the dog and develop a relationship with you and your dog that you will not get anywhere else. Our training sessions are always exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Your dog will get worked more here and have more fun with us than at any club!

Our trainer and decoys are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and certified. They are some of the best you will see!

All Protection training requires an evaluation before attending our class.

Sirius K9 Academy Puppy Group Protection Class - (For dogs that have completed their DHPP puppy series vaccines up to 6 months of age.) - It is extremely beneficial to start dogs in protection work before 6 months of age. We actually prefer to begin working with them as soon as possible at 4 months of age (as soon as they finish their puppy DHPP vaccinations.) It is important to develop a foundation in the fundamentals of protection work before the "window of oppurtunity" closes at 6 months of age. By beginning early, you will be certain to unlock your dog's potential as an adult. Dont make the huge mistake of waiting until your puppy is older, start them early! This class focuses on drive and confidence building as well as grip work, environmental work, and barking for the reward.

** See class schedule for days / times of this class. **

Sirius K9 Academy Basic/Intermediate Group Protection Class - This class is for beginner to intermediate protection dogs. Training is mostly conducted on the sleeve (some suit work) and includes drive & confidence building, guard and bark exercises, group tie-out work, control work with decoy distraction, and searches.

** See class schedule for days / times of this class. **

Sirius K9 Academy Advanced Group Protection Class - This class is for advanced protection dogs only. Training is mostly conducted on the full suit and includes area / building searches, handler protection scenarios, gunfire (blanks), guard and bark exercises, advanced control work, multiple decoy work, targeting on the suit, courage tests, group tie-out work, & call-offs. (This class is also geared towards helping the handler and dog pass the Sirius Protection K9 Certification.)

** See class schedule for days / times of this class. **

Sirius K9 Academy K9 Personal Protection Testing - How do you know if your dog will protect you? Would your dog allow an intruder to enter your home or yard? Would your dog play with, flee from or fight off an intruder? With the rise of violent crimes, the family companion is playing an increasingly important role as a family guardian. Most of us today, rely on our pet to be both a deterrent and a protector. Sirius K9 Training can test your dog at your home, in your yard, at your office, along your walking/jogging path or even in your vehicle...and put your mind at ease. Find out if your dog has what it takes! We video tape this test for you!

K9 Personal Protection Testing | Tests

Sirius K9 Academy Sirius K9 Protection Dog Certification  -The exercises include = Off-leash obedience with hand signals, a group exercise, and a stand for examination. A long down with the handler out of site (with decoy distraction.) A call off. A courage test. A guard and bark exercise with an escort. A send after two decoys. Handler protection scenario. And, an area/building search which is timed.

Each team will be video taped and a copy given to the handler. A certification test date/time/location will be scheduled after two or more dogs have registered. (Teams may attempt certification as often as they like.) Yearly certification is encouraged and recommended.


Same items needed for Advanced Obedience AND…

1. A strong 5’ - 6’ leather leash.

2. A second strong 5’- 6’ leash. (Ideally a different color then the leash above.)

3. An agitation collar or harness.

4. An 18” – 2’ training tab.

5. A small flash light.

6. A small light to attach to your dog’s regular collar or a glow in the dark / flashing collar.

(To use during searches.)

7. Gloves – thin and comfortable.

8. Dog booties

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