Puppy Manners

** Please see our class schedule for days / times of this class. **

This is for puppies 10 – 16 weeks old (puppies must have at least 2 series of puppy vaccinations to attend this class.)

This 4-week class takes place in O.C. at a private location on Sundays.  Each class is one hour in length.

** Next Pup Class Start Date; late July 2024

Prerequisite: Puppies must be between 10 – 16 weeks old. All puppies must have had at least their second series of vaccinations to attend this class, along with a ‘Health Clearance’ letter from your veterinarian which states your dog is disease and parasite free. (Please see below for what exactly we need from your vet.) You must sign up for this class on our website (submit the information from the Class Sign Up link on our website) and payment must be made in full to reserve your spot in our next class. (You may pay over the phone or using the Make A Payment link on our website.)

We are very careful about the type of interaction we allow in class and where we hold the class (its on a hard surface outside not used by any other dogs and is disinfected before every class.) We have never spread anything in our puppy classes in the 16 years we have been doing them and want to keep it that way! This is why we ask for the letter from each puppy's veterinarian before they are allowed to join the class.

What we need from your veterinarian is;
1. Vaccination paperwork which shows that your puppy is current on vaccinations for its age and that he/she has had at least 2 series of puppy vaccinations administered by the vet (no self-given vaccines will be accepted.) The vaccination information provided must be on your Vet Clinic's Letterhead and show when the puppy had its last vaccinations and when the next ones are due. (This information can usually be found on the receipt they give you after the vaccinations have been administered and you have paid for the office visit.)
** If your puppy hasnt had two series of vaccinations yet when registering, please send us your dog's current vaccination paperwork to date, which shows when they had their first vaccinations and when the second series is due.
2. A Health Clearance Letter after the second series of vaccinations have been administered which must state;
A. that your puppy is healthy and injury free,
B. that your puppy has been checked for parasites (internally and externally) and is negative for any parasites,
C. that your puppy is free of anything spreadable/contagious (infections, viruses, and diseases.)
D. The Health Clearance Letter for A - C above must be on the Vet Clinic's Letterhead and it must be signed and dated by your veterinarian.

Please email the above information to;

Thank you!

** If your dog is already 16 weeks or older, please sign up for our Basic Group Obedience Class.

In this class, your puppy will learn how to sit, down, wait, walk on a loose lead, respond to his/her name, greet people and dogs politely, confidence building exercises, and much more! This is a very fun and motivational 4-week class!

Instructor: Dave Snope
Cost: $200.
Start Date: New classes begin and are scheduled as we get enough registrants to begin a new class (people that have paid and supplied all the required paperwork.) Once you have paid and registered for this class, we will then keep you posted on the next class start date! ** Class size maximum is 6 dogs! **

Contact us at 714-296-9714 for more details. You can sign up and pay for these classes on our website!

Puppy Manners Class Equipment List

1. Water Rover (or a water bottle and water bowl)
2. Treat bag / apron
3. Soft plush fun tug toy
4. Check training collar
5. Leash (5' - 6' in length - no chain leashes)
6. Flat collar
7. Many soft yummy treats
8. Thick folded towel, blanket, or mat for them to lay on as we will be working on a hard surface
** Handlers/Observers, please bring a chair if you do not want to sit on the ground.

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